Halloween Sale

Halloween 2014 Coin Specials!

Halloween 2014 Coin Specials!

7pm CT October 30 through November 3rd

To celebrate Halloween we will be offering various store specials and prizes! As a special treat we will be giving away virtual tickets to players. Tickets may be redeemed on Monday November 3rdfor special coin prizes.

Receive Tickets by:

  • Entering the game (1  ticket per day)
  • Getting Big Wins (1 ticket per big win)
  • Purchases (Number of tickets vary per store item and purchases)

Redeem Tickets by:

  • Entering the game Monday 11/3
  • Prizes will be awarded upon log in

*Please note that these offers are for the Canvas Facebook version of the game only. For the Mobile sale options be sure to log in on your favorite mobile devices!