Level Up Slot Unlock


Level Up Slot Unlock is the first way that you may unlock new slots for play. Read the current slot list in Unlocking Slots.

In order to level up you must bet and spin on any machine that you currently have open. In betting on a machine you’ll receive experience (XP). You may check your experience progress by the orange bar at the top of the game. Next to this bar is a number that indicates your current level – when you fill this bar you’ll gain a new level. Current Level Cap is 200, meaning that you will not level up past then.

You may see your Level Up Slot Unlocks* in the Slot Track. The order of the Slot Track is different for everyone so some slots remain a mystery until you reach the level to unlock it. The Slot Track marks the progress of you and your friends through the game. This is where you can see what levels you get to unlock slots and how far away from unlocking the next slot you are. Arrows take you to the next track of levels and slots to unlock. 

Every few levels you’ll get to Go Fish! This gives you a chance to unlock a new slot and to gain some extra coins. Go Fish! is only available at certain levels.

*Level Up Slot Unlocks occur at various levels starting at level 1, level 3,  level 7 and level 10. On each slot track page you’ll see that you get a new slot at comparable intervals, such as, level 13, level 17 and level 20.