Policy, Promotions and Spam

Facebook and our mobile platforms have very strict policies when it comes to in-game and page Promotions. Please be aware of these guidelines to protect yourself. You may learn about them specifically concerning Facebook and PC use in section D & E of the Facebook Page Guidelines.

Due to these guidelines Gold Fish Casino will never require you to give your personal information or post on friends walls to enter into any contests or promotions. You will never have to copy and paste any posts to win. If Gold Fish Casino conducts any promotions or giveaways they will be administered by Gold Fish Casino, not by individual Facebook Users and will come from a direct post on the Gold Fish Casino Community or Blog only.

Please avoid all posts in the Comment Sections that promise Facebook Gift Cards or Free Coins. These posts may be dangerous. Do not spread or share these types of posts on our Community Page as you will be prevented from posting altogether and banned. Beware of fake Gold Fish Casino Pages as well – look for the blue Facebook check-mark next to our name to prove our identity.

Also please familiarize yourself with the Facebook Spam Definition. Gold Fish Casino is not responsible for any spam or fraudulent posts made by fans. We will do our best to remove these posts when we become aware of them but due to heavy traffic we may not always get them all. We will do everything in our power to make our Community Page a safe, fun and friendly environment geared towards the fans, but you are ultimately responsible for understanding your rights.

Our Community Page will always use the shortened links that start with jck.pt. That is an easy way for you to see if the link is really from us or from someone else.

For Mobile devices please be aware that some promotions come from third parties. The only authorized third party provider for promotions is Tapjoy. Tapyjoy has various promotions available from directly from inside of the Mobile application of Gold Fish Casino. If you have any problems with this platform please feel free to contact the Tapjoy Support Team.

If you have any more questions or concerns please review our Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service and our Community Guidelines to fully understand your rights as a fan and community member.

Thank you!