Premium Slot Unlock


Premium Slots are special; they contain some of our most popular and fan requested slot machines of all time and you can unlock them AT ANY TIME, no matter what level you are! Some of the biggest slot games in entertainment history will be found in the Premium Slot section.

In order to unlock a Premium Slot you must fill your Ruby Meter. There are two ways to gain rubies. 1) Collect big wins during play and 2) Use Max Bet.

Once you’ve filled the Ruby Meter you get the chance to unlock the Premium Slot of your choice for a limited time. Once the limited time has passed the slot will return to being locked, but don’t worry, you can fill the ruby meter to unlock it again! You may observe the amount of time you have left to play a Premium Slot while in the lobby, a countdown will appear above the slots you’ve unlocked.

Unlike Level Up Slots, Premium Slots are available in Gold Fish Casino for a limited time only. Throughout gameplay and over time different slots will become available for play. Once the slot is no longer displayed in the home lobby you will be unable to unlock it. Read the current Premium Slot list in the Unlocking Slots section.